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Juliana Garofalo is a multifaceted woman whose talents span her professional and personal life. As a medical assistant, she is dedicated to her career in the medical field. As a student in an esteemed physician assistant program, she is working hard to further her expertise. However, her passion for life extends well beyond her professional aspirations.

In her spare time, She enjoys various hobbies, from the meditative process of knitting to the culinary creativity of cooking. She also finds immense joy in outdoor activities, including fishing and paddleboarding. However, one of her most cherished hobbies is birdwatching, which allows her to connect with nature and observe the many bird species that inhabit her home state of Connecticut.

She is an active member of HawkWatch International and the Connecticut Audobon Society. Through these organizations, she can learn more about the rich diversity of birdlife in Connecticut and nationwide. Her fascination with the avian world is evident in her commitment to these organizations and her tireless efforts to engage with the wildlife in her region.

Originally from Norwalk, Connecticut, Her interest in the medical field is rooted in her desire to make a difference. She is interested in Surgery, Women’s Health, and Dermatology and is working towards becoming a physician assistant. Recent global events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have highlighted the crucial role of healthcare professionals. She is determined to contribute to the healthcare industry meaningfully, addressing the increasing demand for services and helping to alleviate the pressures of employee burnout.

As Ms. Garofalo continues her professional journey, she also nurtures her interests and hobbies. Her time spent outdoors in the Connecticut wilderness is a testament to her dedication to exploring the natural world. She often invites friends and fellow members of the Connecticut Audobon Society to join her in birdwatching, using her knowledge and enthusiasm to inspire others. Whether paddleboarding or fishing in the nearby waterways, she embraces every opportunity to immerse herself in the beauty of her surroundings and connect with the vibrant wildlife that inhabits them.

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